Dec 22, 2011

Karthyayani Devi Temple

Karthyayani Devi Temple Arangotukara

The main temple (the deity of the village) of Arangotukara (Arangode) is in the South part of the Village.  The presiding deity is Goddess Karthyayani.  There is no idol for the goddess. The seniors informed that as per their knowledge there was a clay idol in the temple like that found in Tamilnadu Villages as village gods. The same was broken and after that there is no idol installed. The temple is facing West. In the sanctum of the main temple, there is a square shallow pit which will have water during most of the year. There is tree known as "Madhavi Tree' one of 3 such trees in Kerala. The plant flowers, white in color,  in bunches, once a year during the rainy season.   After the flowers fall down strange type of fruits, green when raw and wood color when matured, are formed.  The fruits are very lite, feather lite, with 3 petals one in the middle with two wing like extension petals. The same can fly for short distances in wind. Pooja is done to the Madhavi tree. But till now there is no other Madhavi tree is found anywhere around.  A chandra kala (metal crescent moon - like that found in Siva temples) of bronze is placed below the tree. This was donated as an offering by one of the devotees. The temple is small in a compound of about 1 acre.

Temple Festivals

The temple is having 2 festivals every year.  The main one is during the dussera (Navarathri).  There will be 3 time poojas each day with Prasadams for all on all three times.  It used to be for nine days by one family each on each of the nine days and the 10th day the finale.  Now a days it seems there are more than 9 days celebrations as the number of families who wants to do pooja are more than 9 running up to 17 days.  On some of the days the family who does the pooja, also give free food to all. 
The second festival of the temple is Karthika Vilakku. Karthika oottu (free feast to all who come to partake the food) is one offering. Occasionally someone sponsors entirely. On other occasions the villagers contribute and conduct the function. Average about 1000 people take food.
This temple does not have any oracle (Velichapaadu) as it is believed that the deity does not want it, unlike in other Durga temples in Kerala. Similarly, elephants are not allowed inside the Gopuram (entry). It is said that if elephants are brought in, they just run away as if frightened. Another item not allowed in this temple is the asura vadyas. These and some other similar practices are not tried out till now.
On normal days the poojas will be two times in the mornings and evenings. Festival days there will pooja during the forenoon also. Santhi is by Namboodiri.
There is a well for water for the poojas and tank of the temple is there at 2 minutes walk on the east side of the temple. 

Upa Devathas

Siva in the form of a small lingam, Naagaas and Vishnu in the form of a small Salagramam are upa devathas of the temple at the south east corner. There is a small shrine for Ganapathi and Sastha (Ayyappan)


This was under the Desamangalam Koodallur Mana. Later it was taken over by Cochin Devaswom Board with the manager's office at Nelluvai. Since the board was net getting income, suggested the villagers to form a committee so that the administration can be handed over to them. Accordingly a committee is formed.

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